Mtwara Power Plant

Until 2007, the 1.2 million residents of Mtwara had no reliable source of electricity.

In that year, Wentworth Resources  (now Artumas) built an 18 MW power station in Mtwara, fuelling it with natural gas pumped from nearby Mnazi Bay. The plant was to become the primary source of power for Mtwara and Lindi, and the only source of power for the majority of districts within those regions.

CSI was contracted to install all the mechanical works for the plant, erecting 9 Caterpillar G3530 gas-generating units (each with a capacity of 2 MW), providing supporting structures for an external cooling plant, and fitting pipework for the gas, oil, coolant and exhaust systems.

The Mtwara Plant has brought huge opportunities for growth in the south of Tanzania, which was once the poorest and most isolated part of the country. CSI is proud to have supported this groundbreaking project and to have helped bring socio-economic development to the regions that most need it.


Power & Infrastructure


Wentworth Resources


Mantrac Tanzania


US$0.37 Million

Project Sheet

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