22nd November 2017

Outstanding Performance Accolades

This month our very own Robert Kubala was presented with CSI’s Outstanding Citizen Award after Jacobsen’s HSEQ Manager, Andreas Nordlander, shone a spotlight on his work:

“Robert is invaluable in a crisis, able to think rapidly and act quickly, and has helped us solve critical challenges here at Kinyerezi I Power Plant. We are grateful for his willingness to assist at any event and at any time, and for always prioritising health and safety. Robert is an exceptional member of the CSI team, and we commend him for his recent work.”

In light of this glowing reference, CSI presented Robert with the company’s rare Outstanding Citizen Award, honouring also his three team members – Adolph Justinian, Emmanuel Kabakaya and Abdillah Umbe  – with Outstanding Support Awards.

Congratulations to all four men for their exemplary achievements at Kinyerezi I: you are an inspiration to us all!