1st May 2017

CSI Energy’s New Brand and Image

CSI Electrical Ltd had grown considerably as a business in the last decade, further developing its electrical contracting and capital projects divisions in the East African region in which they primarily operate. In addition, to organic growth, the recent acquisition of mechanical services contracting business has further expanded their offerings.

As part of CSI Electrical’s development plan, coupled with this expansion, it therefore necessitated a re-positioning of the business to present it in a more aspirational light. To facilitate this, the company structure had to evolve to a group structure whilst retaining the identity of the sub-brands and divisions in the short term.

The aim of our rebrand was to create a fresher visual identify, one that would reflect CSI Energy Group’s new aspirations, whilst still retaining the historic identity of our sub-brands and divisions. The rebrand was also intended to define more clearly our position within the Sub-Saharan market.

As part of our rebranding process, we revisited, reformulated and redefined our common mission, vision and values, and developed a new logo and colour palette to reflect them.  From 2017:

Our mission

Is to improve lives through enhanced infrastructure and increased access to energy.

Our vision

Is to be the best in class and the preferred infrastructure organisation.

Our Core Values are

Accountability, Effectiveness, Openness and Honesty.


Our New Logo: The logo combines two distinct elements:

  • The circle to represent continuity, longevity, and to suggest the energy and power of the sun.
  • The spiral to represent unity, growth and motion, and to show that our work is both sustainable and forward-looking.

Our New Colours: Orange has long been the colour of CSI, representing the energy, strength, confidence and warmth of our company, as well as the continent on which we work. In our rebrand, we have slightly softened the shade, both to contemporise the hue and add an element of approachability. We have also expanded our colour palette to include red, yellow and charcoal grey thus reflecting our versatility.