15th February 2018

Safety Milestone: 500,000 hours without a single LTI

In September 2017, CSI celebrated a major milestone as its Kinyerezi II team logged half a million hours without a single lost time incident (LTI).  This is a considerable achievement on any project, but particularly one of Kinyerezi’s complexity, as HSE Manager, Shuli Mrengo explains:

“Flooding during the first half of 2017 washed away huge sections of the sandy foundations here destabilising the ground, while extreme temperatures during the hot season pressurised staff working in confined spaces.  Those were the two most significant challenges of the past year but, of course, we also had to overcome more routine difficulties – figuring out how to lift asymmetrical loads of up to 90 tonnes, for instance, or how to manipulate heavy loads 45 metres off the ground.

Our 600+ staff here are from different cultures, nations and disciplines, so communicating well is essential. For us, safety involves on-going dialogue, daily analysis and briefings on all HSE concerns, and of course mentoring, coaching, and training. Since CSI’s work began here last December, we’ve provided over 2,150 hours of safety training to our staff, and have employed and deployed Safety Officers across the site plant to more closely monitor HSE concerns.

Kinyerezi is a dynamic site that challenges us afresh each day, and I’m so proud of our team here for the commitment to safety that they bring to work every hour, every week. Hongera sana to all our staff.”