12th March 2019

Redefining The Corporate Gift

Is there anyone wouldn’t want to be in the studio audience for the Ellen Degeneres Show12 Days of Giveaways’?

In the lead-up to the Christmas holidays, Ellen generously showers her entire audience with gifts ranging from toys to smart TVs to holidays. Her show is fun, light-hearted and a massively impactful marketing platform for the companies that participate. (Not to detract from Ellen’s extensive philanthropy in her own right.)

Watching these shows in December 2018 got us thinking: While the guests were clearly thrilled to receive their gifts (I remember the LEGO / Legoland holiday on this show), was I watching short-term gratification or something more life-changing? What would the impact of these gifts be? And in my own sphere of influence, what should companies like ours be doing to thank their clients at the end of every year?

Don’t we as corporates have a responsibility to do good? Not just in how we run our businesses and our ethics, but in the little things too. How can we show appreciation for our clients without wasting money on transient tokens like whiskey and chocolates – or worse, self-promotional branded merchandise that end up as landfill? (Nobody really wants a spanner like flash drive with some other company’s logo engraved on it.)

Surely providing impactful gifts to people who truly need them is more in the spirit of Christmas?

We want our clients to feel good about working with us. Not just because we deliver great work but because we donate part of our profit towards charitable causes. At the end of the year, we’d like to thank our clients not just for their business – but also for enabling us to change people’s lives. The more we earn, the more we can donate.

Donating the money we would have used on client Christmas gifts can effect far more real, long-lasting positive change on those who receive it.

So at the end of 2018, we decided to forego client gifts and instead donated to 5 children’s homes from West to East Africa to the Indian Ocean Isles. Here’s what happened, thanks to our clients:

At the end of the day however, our motivation is not the point, because through this experience we learned life’s biggest lesson in the most unexpected of places. In one woman’s goal to be a mother to girls without one unconditionally… we learned that love can change everything & is a perfect pill for all wounded hearts

It started with a letter to god from Consoler, “If you can get me through high school, I will dedicate my whole life to help other girls” Now 13 years later, over 200 girls & 40 still living under her roof, New Hope for Girls is shaping the future of marginalised girls for the better by supporting their growth in every aspect of life.

Ours is a story of businesses investing consciously to do good and improve lives, & what you just saw is theirs. Find out more & support NHGO at http://newhopeforgirls.org