18th April 2018

Kinyerezi II – Upskilling, an opportunity taken

Kinyerezi II is being delivered by a majority Tanzanian workforce with only specialist welding expertise brought in from outside. All contractors work under the EPC principal, Toshiba Plant Systems and Services Co. for the developer Sumitomo Corporation.

There’s been a lot in the news recently about the economic impacts of Tanzania’s new 240MW power station, Kinyerezi II, and its potential to accelerate the President’s push towards industrialisation. Less has been said, though, about the social impacts of the project, which has upskilled the majority Tanzanian workforce during the construction of the country’s first ever combined-cycle energy plant.

It’s often said that Tanzania needs to invest more in its people, and that its human talent remains untapped and neglected. (There is some truth in that, given that the country ranked 106 out of 130 countries on the 2017 Global Human Capacity Index). Yet Kinyerezi demonstrates that a Tanzanian workforce can deliver complex mega projects to international standards of safety and quality, on time.

The Kinyerezi team has met all their deliverables, on time , on budget delivery coupled with an excellent safety and quality record. In September 2017 the electro-mechanical team were congratulated for reaching half a million hours without a single LTI, a major milestone achieved through various interventions including entry level safety training, daily pre-start meetings, regular ‘tool-box’ talks, mentoring, coaching and thousands of hours of on job safety training.

The Kinyerezi II project leaves behind an improved HSEQ culture in this country, and thousands of skilled workers to benefit future projects. If both the Government and business stakeholders continue to build upon local capacity and raise HSEQ standards, Tanzania can ensure that local workers remain at the centre of the industrial development in the country. This will increasingly mean money earned in Tanzania by its workforce, remains in Tanzania for its development.


-Chris Glasson, CEO