12th March 2019

International Women’s Day 2019 #BalanceforBetter

International Women’s Day 2019

On this day we celebrate the women & men who are continuously striving to ensure diversity and inclusion in order to achieve BalanceForBetter at CSI Energy Group, Happy International Women’s Day.

Here is our stance on Women’s Day and every day;

Wild dreams on #BalanceforBetter

A note from Annette Kanora, CEG Group Communications Manager; 

My wish for the world?

A world where opportunities are equally available to men and women regardless of the trade in question, a world where women are in control of their happenings and their opinions are equally taken into consideration. I dream of a world where women and girls do not have to second guess themselves before taking a certain action because society dictates it as an “unwomanly thing to do”.

My wish for every working woman?

Like me, to have the opportunity to share their skills and talent in a workplace where both women and men are given the tools to allow them to grow, thrive and compete on fair ground. Even better, an environment where women are encouraged to take more seats at the table, take up an internship position, apply for a promotion, diversify their exposure by taking up an extra job or assignment that resonates with their calling.

I am not saying we have wholly and completely achieved balance however, we continuously strive to improve because we truly believe that sustainable growth can only be achieved through diversity and inclusion.

On #IWD I STAND for balance, for equality and with all the men and women pushing for #BalanceforBetter 

I STAND with my colleagues at CSI Energy Group in pushing for Diversity and Inclusion in equal measure.