12th April 2019

Deogratius Ngimbudzi: Handpicked by the Electrical Gods

It’s not an exaggeration, but I do sometimes feel like my profession chose me. Not for lack of personal interest but by the sheer alignment of stars propelling me towards my line of work from earliest memories in my life.

Like in 1985 when my father, then a principle of the Falk Development College brought electricians to our home in Mbinga District. They had all these tools and materials funded by German Government to Mbinga Folk Development college and all I remember is being fascinated by all these tools and how they did their job which looked like magic to me. My experience in standard three is another example, our science teacher was very practical and always wanted us to experiment with different materials in class which sparked my interest in the Electrical Industry. It went even further after I completed my primary education. I was selected to join a special school – Tabora Boys Secondary School which specialised in Military, Arts, Technical & Science. On top of the 4 years of military training, I also received general technical training in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. When the time came to choose a field of study to specialise in, I considered shifting to another field but my Electrical and Electronics teacher, Mr. Makweta convinced me to take his class and so I enlisted.

This is the moment I got ambitious. If I was going to establish a career through which I will earn my living, then I realised that I needed to be the best! Therefore, I studied as hard as I could to gain all the knowledge. I became the class representative in my Electrical Engineering class, even jumped at chances to participate in minor electrical repair and maintenance works at school and sometimes outside the school through opportunities offered to me by Mr. Makweta. I finally graduated top of my class and was officially an Electrical Installation Technician Grade Three.

A brief nostalgic moment for economy fanatics, I got a job right away with Intertek Electrical Company Ltd, this was from 1993 to 1994 and my salary for the first four months was 250 Tanzanian Shillings – that’s less than a dollar in case you are wondering. This is almost laughable now but that was a lot of money back then. The salary was later doubled to 500 Tanzanian Shillings. Major improvement!

Those were my early beginnings & I later moved to Dar es salaam after the expiry of my contract for further studies. During this time I still kept on working to perfect my craft.

I believe that’s the only way one can be the best at anything, Practice. It’s a combination of being patient with your growth, working hard, taking steps to gain experience, education & training.


I first crossed paths with CEG indirectly in 1999 when I met Mr. Chris Glasson (now CEG CEO) at Geita Power Project where he was a Project Manager working for NORICIL and I was an Electrician. For me, this was my first experience working on Power Plant generating about 40MW, and I have to say I learned lot from this experience. From the melting pot of industry experts, I learned how to be effective and working hard to provide solutions at international standards to match expectations of the project. Upon completion of the project we went our different paths but met again in 2007 and a year later, my journey with CEG officially started and never quite ended to this day.

CEG supported me from the very first year I worked with the company, to the years that I resigned to go back to school by giving me temporary 3 months employment, testing and inspecting their electrical installations during my university breaks. The amount of money given to me after the contracts as a lump sum, enabled me to pay my college fees and reduced the burden of my studies.

I believe that everybody can be productive if they are motivated and given good environment to practice. After the completion of my studies I was offered a job as a Quality Control Officer from July 2012 based at the then CEG headquarters in Tanzania. The company’s commitment to my growth did not end there. I was provided opportunities to attend several trainings in Quality Control Management including the Internal Auditing for Quality Management.

If I had to say something about CEG it will be that this company provides people with opportunities to grow & improve their lives as long as there is a desire within oneself to do so. I appreciate the culture we have here which is horned on championing the growth and success of everyone in the team. This is evident through people I have seen join CEG in junior positions but have eventually excelled to managerial positions. This truly motivates individual performance, brings a sense of belonging and brings our mantra – “Enabling Success” – to life.

I started my journey as a junior level Electrician and to this day I am still in the industry, currently pursuing a master’s degree in Project Management thanks to the many people who held my hand and believed in my journey.

The future is exciting.