26th September 2019

Company Culture: Made by the people

Reflections by Jon Gunnar Gylfason


We have all heard phrases like work life balance, getting people involved, giving people a voice and so on. The inference from all these phrases is that there is a responsibility both on the part of the employee and the employer, and therefore requires commitment and the involvement of both parties.

From my perspective, company culture is built on relationships within and outside the company; as well as on how we deal with these relationships as individuals and as a team. We have relationships with clients, relationships with colleagues, employee – employer relationship, relationships with friends and the one we all understand well, the family relationship, all those relationships are built on trust, commitment, care and some on love.

A good company culture really means that the company cares for and values its employees and the employee cares for and values the company and their coworkers in the same manner.

In a nutshell, the company is made up of the people and our culture is reflected on how we support and relate with one another. This is the very foundation that Team CEG is built on. It is what makes us #HumansofCEG

I am immensely proud to be a part of CEG’s progressive journey across Africa and strongly believe in our core values. As we grow our business across the continent, we have adopted good corporate governance, built and continue to build the CEG culture, inclusive of everyone from the welders to the planners to the electricians and engineers to the CEO.

We are driven by our purpose that is geared towards delivering energy infrastructure projects that improve people’s lives. To achieve this our ultimate goal is to deliver the very best quality of work, in the safest manner, on time and within budget. For all this to happen, everyone within the company has to be onboard, play their role with care and more often than not, put in a bit of extra thoughtful effort in coming up with sustainable solutions to our clients’ problems. We can only succeed together and that’s important to understand, because our work has far reaching impact of enabling success and improving people’s lives – our clients’, our employees’, our supply chain and the wider communities who are impacted by the projects we work on. 

Go team CEG!