24th August 2018

CEG’s internship programme – a helping hand into hard-to-access industries

CSI Energy Group (CEG) is committed to youth development and to initiatives that support young talent; through our internship programme we open doors to new professional opportunities and experiences.

“When I was accepted into CEG’s internship programme, I was thrilled, and thanked God for such a great opportunity.”

Jennifer Euphrazi, CEG intern – HR Department

“It’s hard for students and graduates to get experience in Tanzania, and hard to get a job without experience. So there’s a ‘catch-22’, for many young people in our country.  Internships offer a way out of that bind, and are a vital way of developing young talent.”

So explains CEG’s Procurement & Logistics Manager, who has mentored 15 interns in the past six+ years.

When I’m selecting interns,” the Procurement & Logistics Manager continues, “I’m not looking for previous experience, so much as distinct character qualities. I want to see ambition, initiative and the desire to learn. I want interns that are open-minded, receptive, creative, curious and ready for a challenge.  These are the qualities that I know are going to make a great professional.”

CEG interns are assigned to specific departments (whether to support services like HR and procurement, or to electromechanical projects) and mentored for between 3 and 12 months. Throughout the programme, young people learn to put theory into practice, gain field experience, become familiar with industry practices, standards and norms, and get exposure to real on-the-job challenges and opportunities.

CEG’s HR & Administration Manager, Cleopatra Nasari, explains the impact of the programme: “Most interns join us in their early 20s, as young students or graduates, and learn through our mentorship to take initiative, work independently, act responsibly, and build upon existing skills to become more rounded young professionals.

We’ve seen some amazing transformations: shy young graduates with their heads in textbooks, emerging as mature, confident, analytical and knowledgeable individuals able to communicate effectively, lead others, and maintain meticulous standards of work. It’s always a joy to see that transformation.”

So where do most interns go after graduating from the programme?

“Some of our interns never leave,” Cleopatra Nasari laughs. “They become invaluable to us, and when we have a vacancy, we’ll encourage them to apply. Others realize  – through their experience with CEG – that they excel at a particular aspect of our industry, and so embark on further studies, or move to companies specialising in that area.

There’s no doubt that the internship program is a turning point in many young lives, and that CEG provides an opportunity that few other medium-scale African businesses do. The young people we mentor are the future of our continent – tomorrow’s leaders, managers, directors, CEOs – and it’s our honour to support them, lay the foundation of their career, and provide that vital stepping stone to other professional opportunities.”

“My internship had a great impact,” Sifael Mkumbwa concludes. “It gave me experience, helped me build a professional network, and then land my dream job as an electrical draftsman.’

To apply to CEG’s internship programme, please email: recruitment@tz.csi.energy.

Thanks to supervisors Cleopatra Nasari, Tunu Kinabo, Warda Nasser, Shuli Mrengo, Charles Mwata, Mustafa Dachi, and interns Magreth Kokuberwa Bernard, Jennifer Euphrazi, Gloria J. Mwansele, Ombeni Regnald Nkya, Sifael J. Mkumbwa, August Erasmus, Lilian Tarimo and Winfrida Swai for their inputs into this article.