Mission, Vision, and Values

“Access to electricity . . . is the golden thread that connects economic growth, increased social equity, and preservation of the environment.”

– Former UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, 2012

Our Mission:

Enabling Success and Improving Lives

We enable success of our clients, delivering great work that helps them reach their goals successfully. We enable our employees to succeed in their roles and in their lives by providing a work environment that fosters personal growth, learning and job satisfaction. And most importantly, a broader impact of improving people’s lives in the wider communities that are directly impacted by the projects we work on.

Our Vision:

To Be The Best In Our Class and The Preferred Infrastructure Organisation.

To achieve this, we believe in being the very best in everything we do and pursuing excellence in every way we can.

For us being the ‘best in class’ means delivering infrastructure of an unequaled quality. It means having the best-qualified and most capable people. It means demonstrating attitudes and business ethics that inspire others. And it means ensuring that our health, safety, and environmental protection systems set the standards for our industry.

We believe that by being the very best, we will continue to attract the most innovative clients, the most capable employees, and the greatest expertise, thus remaining the preferred company for developers in our region.

Our Values

Our core values define who we are, what we believe in, and how we conduct ourselves in the world. CSI’s four key values, as enshrined in our code of conduct are:

accountability, effectiveness, openness, honesty and simplicity 

These are the foundations of our business practices, and guide everything we do.