4th April 2019

A Vision of Giving

The most sublime act is to set another before yourself

According to English poet and visionary, William Blake. And that’s what motivated CEG Rwanda to donate to a centre for blind children in Kigali.

The Jordan Foundation was founded in 2015 by Mrs. Bahati Vanessa, whose own son was born blind, and who wanted to help children like Jordan. It began with just 20 youngsters, aged between 3 and 8 years, and now supports 51 children both in its home and the wider community.

The children who attend the Jordan Foundation come from across Rwanda to receive basic education and care. Staff and volunteers from the centre teach them how to read and write, support their medical needs, and help them navigate the dangers and challenges of being visually impaired.

“Some of the children here have had to have their eyes completely removed as a result of infection,” explains founder, Mrs. Vanessa, “others are born blind, or have medical issues that lead to loss of vision. Last Christmas – through CEG’s donation – we were able to do medical consultations and checkups for eight of our children who suffer from very serious eyes issues; now, as a result they attend classes, and we can treat and care for them in the best possible way. Some of the other money donated by CEG was spent on mattresses, which are helping the children sleep better, and on milk, which is helping them grow strong.

We bless CEG for its support to the Jordan Centre. Our aim here is for the children to blossom in the warmth of a family-like atmosphere, so that they can have the best possible future, despite their handicaps. CEG has helped us in our work, and we thank them for the love they have shown towards our children.”

“Putting others first involves laying aside our own interests, to willingly help someone else. This isn’t always easy because humans are self-absorbed.  But if we are to put others before ourselves, then we must break away from our egotistical way of thinking and consider the value of other people and their lives.” – Issa Mazimpaka, Business Services Officer, CSI Energy Group Rwanda

The centre was named after the son of founder Bahati Vanessa, who was born blind. Seeing Jordan’s struggles, Mrs. Vanessa was determined to help others in the same situation as her son.  Her dream is to expand the Foundation so as to have classes, dormitories, and playgrounds for 1,000 children.

The Jordan Foundation has no permanent sponsor or funding from government and relies upon donors like CEG to support its work.  

To donate or otherwise support its cause please email jordanfoundation2017@gmail or visit their website jordanfoundation.org.org